list of the show in the jerusalem music center 1.1.2017

1. Bach, andante from the flute sonata bwv 1034 for prepared piano and flute

2. S.Reich, clapping music in an instrumental arrangement, for flute, piano and viola da gamba

3. Bach, fugue from the flute sonata bwv 1030, arranged for flute, piano and viola da gamba

4. Gershwin, summertime from porgy and bess, arranged for voice and viola da gamba

5. Silent film, “Isaac’s binding” with original music improvised by matan porat, (keyboard)

6. Rossignol, a Portuguese folk melody, for viola da gamba, alto flute and piano

7.Bach, contrapunctus VIV for the art of the fugue bwv 1080, arranged by matan porat

8.Radiohead, the pyramid song, arranged for cello, alto flute and piano, arranged by matan porat

9.Bach, courante from the cello suite bwv 1008

10. Stravinsky, Tango (1940) piano solo

11.Villa Lobos, first movement from the jet whistle for cello and flute

12. Organelle- improvisation with prerecorded audience sound samples

13.Haydn, allegro form flute trio Hob XV-16

14. Cartoon, Tom&Jerry with original music by ira givol and roy amotz

15. Matan Porat, bible cantata, based on “Isaac’s binding” story, for 2 singers and a keyboard

16. Talking fugue, a verbal improvisation over a children’s rhyme (yonatan hakatan)

17. Rorschach test, 3 improvised miniatures with audience participation

18. Faure, après un rêve, for gamba and piano

19. Chopin, prelude no 4 combined with the song “how insensitive”

20. Chopin, prelude no 16 with vegetables

21. Chopin Berceuse op 57′ with haunch Levin’s “Isaac’s binding”

22. Mahler, Adagietto from the 5th symphony arranged for flute , cello and piano

23. Radiohead, no alarms and no surprises, for flute, viola da gamba and piano

Some of our “things”…

Chopin with Hemorrhoids

Etude Number 4

Domenico Gabrielli, Ricercar IV for Solo Cello

Claude Debusssy, Syrinx for Solo Flute

Ursonata, Dada poetry

The audience in action…

imagine a concert where neither the audience
nor the performers know what's going to happen next...